Thibaut IV

(1201- 1253)

Coat of Arms

Count of Champagne, King of Navarre (1234-53) and trouvère. The county of Champagne was one of the greatest counties of France. It was surrounded by the royal domains to the west, the duchy of Burgundy to the south and the Empire to the north and to the east. Thibaut was one who did not hesitate to betray his allies or disregard his feudal obligations to the French kings, but he was nevertheless one of the most important of his generation of trouvères and especially distinguished as a writer of love songs in the Provençal style that showed a genuine depth of feeling. Sixty-three of his songs were published in 1742, but with the melodies inaccurately transcribed.

IIA: Troubadours, Trouvères and Minnesingers