Alessandro Piccinini

(1566 - 1638)

Italian composer and lutenist. He went with his family (also lutenists) to the Este court at Ferrara, remained there until 1597, then entered the service of Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini. He published two volumes, Intavolatura di liuto, et di chitarrone ... (Bologna, 1623) and Intavolatura di huto, nel quale si contengano toccata ... (Bologna, 1639). In the preface to the earlier volume he claims to have invented a type of archlute (now thought to be a bass lute) and praises the virtues of the chitarrone; the preface also contains interesting performance practice instructions.

Piccinini was taght by his lutenist father, Leonardo Maria Piccinini, as wee his brothers, Girolamo Piccinini (died 1615) and Filippo Piccinini (died 1648). Piccinini composed music for La selva sin Amor an opera (now lost) by his brother Filippo that was the first opera performed in Spain.

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