Jakob Handl (Gallus)

(1550 - 1591)

Jakob Handl

Austrian composer of Slovene descent, born in Ljubljana. Sang in the monastery of Melk in 1568 and in the Vienna court chapel in 1574; choirmaster to the Bishop of Olmutz [Olomouc] 1579-1585, and lived thereafter in Prague as organist at S. Johann. The Emperor Rudolf II gave him a privilege to print music; he issued eleven books of church music (opus musicum) including sixteen Masses, two Passions and a cycle of music for the liturgical year. His double-choir motets show that he had grasped the essentials of the current Venetian style, while his smaller pieces show an imitative Franco-Flemish idiom (the well-known Ecce quomodo moritur justus, however, is an eloquent homophonic piece). Occasionally he uses striking chromaticism (as in Mirabile mysterium). His Moralia of 1590 were simple Latin madrigals.

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