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A Partial John Danyel Discography

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AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
John Danyel The Complete Songs And Lute Music 1. Like as the lute delights; 2. Time, cruel time; 3. Pavan; 4. What delight can they enjoy 5. Grief keep within; 6. Drop not, mine eyes; 7. Have all our passions?; 8. Why canst thou not? 9. Stay, cruel, stay!; 10. The Passymeasures Gaillard; 11. Coy Daphne fled; 12. Let not Chloris think; 13. Eyes, look no more; 14. Rosamund; 15. Thou pretty bird; 16. A Fancy; 17. Dost thou withdraw thy grace?; 18. He whose desires are still abroad; 19. If I could shut the gate; 20. I die whenas I do not see; 21. Monsieur's Almain; 22. Can doleful notes?; 23. No, let chromatic tunes; 24. Uncertain turns of thought; 25. Now the earth, the skies, the air; 26. Mistress Anne Grene her Leaves be Green. Nigel Short (ct), Libby Crabtree (sop), Charles Daniels, Matthew Vine (ten) Adrian Peacock (bs) David Miller, Jacob Heringman (l) Mark Caudle (bs viol) Hyperion CDA66714
John Danyel Songs for the Lute, Viol and Voice, 1606 1. Coy Daphne fled; 2. Thou pretty bird, how do I see; 3. He whose desires are still abroad; 4. Like as the Lute Delights; 5. Dost thou withdraw thy grace?; 6. Why canst thou not?; 7. Stay, cruel, stay!; 8. Time, Cruel Time; 9. Griefe keepe within; 10. Drop not mine eies; 11. Have all our passions; 12. Let not Cloris think; 13. Can doleful notes?; 14. No, let chromatic tunes; 15. Uncertain certain turns; 16. Eyes, look no more; 17. If I could shut the gate; 18. I die whenas I do not see; 19. What delight can they enjoy; 20. Now the earth, the skies, the air The Consort of Musick: John York Skinner (ct),Emma Kirkby (sop), Martyn Hill (ten) David Thomas (bs), Anthony Rooley, Jakob Lindberg (l) Trevor Jones (bs viol) Decca Eloquence 480 1803
'The Sypres Curten of the Night' Elizabethan & Jacobean Lute Songs 1. Never weather-beaten saile (Thomas Campion); 2. Author of light (Thomas Campion); 3. The Sypres Curten of the Night (Thomas Campion); 4. Since first I saw your face (Thomas Ford); 5. Faire, sweet, cruell (Thomas Ford); 6. What then is love sings Coridon (Thomas Ford); 7. Heres paternus (Anthony Holborne); 8. Griefe keepe within (John Danyel); 9. Drop not mine eies (John Danyel); 10. Have all our passions (John Danyel); 11. What then is love but mourning (Philip Rosseter); 12. Shall I come if I swim? (Philip Rosseter); 13. No grave for woe (Philip Rosseter); 14. The night watch (Anthony Holborne); 15. Muy linda (Anthony Holborne); 16. I saw my Lady weepe (John Dowland,); 17. Shall I strive with wordes to move? (John Dowland); 18. Sorrow, stay, lend true repentant teares (John Dowland); 19. Can she excuse my wrongs? (John Dowland); 20. Fantasia (Anthony Holborne); 21. Miserere my Maker (Anonymous) Michael Chance (ct), Christopher Wilson (l) Chandos CHAN 0538
The Cozens Lute Book Selected Pieces 1. Mistress Anne Grene Her Leaves Be Greene; others by Dowland, Batchelar, Robinson, Hollis, Smythe, Laurencini, Romani, Anon. Anthony Rooley (l) L'Oiseau Lyre DSLO 510 (LP)
English Ayres and Duets sung in authentic Elizabethan pronunciation 1. Eyes, look no more; others by Dowland, Ferrabosco II, Hume, Campion, Pilkington. Jones The Camerata of London Hyperion A66003 (LP)

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