Sir William Leighton

(c.1560 - before 1617)

English poet and composer, a Gentleman Pensioner of Elizabeth I and James I who published two volumes of poetry and contributed to Alison's psalter of 1599, but is best known for The Teares and Lamentations of a Sorrowful Soule (1614), a collection of 54 psalms and hymns for four or five voices, some with lute, which he compiled while in prison for debt. Eight of the pieces are by Leighton himself; the remaining nineteen composers include John Bull, William Byrd, John Dowland, Alfonso Ferrabosco II, John Cooper (Coperario), Thomas Ford, Orlando Gibbons, Milton, Ward, Weelkes, Wilbye, Pilkington, Nathaniel Giles and others.

IV M: England Through 1635