Cesare Bendinelli

(ca. 1542-1617)

Italian trumpeter and composer, born in Verona, Italy. First mention of Bendinelli dates to 1562, where he is serving as a trombonist in the Mecklenburgian town of Schwerin. He was the principal trumpet player of the Viennese court from 1567 to 1580. From 1580 till his death he was chief court trumpeter to the city of Munich, where he lived until his death in 1617.

Bendinelli was also the author of the earliest known course of published trumpet lessons, Tutta L'arte Della Trombetta (c. 1614) which gathered together the earliest known pieces for the clarino register, dating from 1584-88. Upon his retirement in 1614, Bendinelli presented the treatise, along with an odd, pretzel-shaped trumpet made in Nuremberg in 1585 by Anton Schnitzer, to the Accademia Filarmonica in Verona

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