Giulio Strozzi [Luigi Zorzisto]

(1583 - 1652)

Librettist, poet, and dramatist. Barbara Strozzi was his adopted daughter, and he was related to Piero Strozzi. He received his early education in Venice and Studied law at the University of Pisa. After working in Rome, Padua, and Urbino, he settled in Venice around the early 1620s. His literary output includes orations, plays, poetry, and descriptions of Venetian ceremonies- As a librettist, he collaborated with Monteverdi on the projected opera La finta pazza Licori(1627) and on Proserpina rapita(Venice, 1630); Monteverdi also set some of his sonnets. Strozzi's Iibrctti were influential in the early stages of Venetian opera; his last libretto, Veremonda,was set by Cavalli in 1652.

Claudio Monteverdi