Giovanni Battista Buonamente

(late 16th century - 1642)

Italian composer and violinist. A Franciscan, he was in the service of the Gonzagas at Mantua until at least 1622. From 1626 to ca. 1630 he served the emperor in Vienna; in 1627 played in the coronation festivities in Prague for Ferdinand III (son of the emperor). In 1632 he became violinist at Parma's Madonna della Steccata church. Finally he was maestro di cappella at Assisi from 1633 to his death. Nearly all of his 150 sacred vocal works are lost; he is best known for his violin ensemble music, which cultivates the "new violin style" that Buonamente is credited with having brought to Austria. Collections include Il quarto libro de varie Sonate, Sinfonie ... (Venice, 1626); Sonate et Canzoni. . . (Venice 1636); and Il settimo libro di Sonate, Sinfonie ... (Venice, 1637).

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