Johann Kaspar Kerll [Kerl, Gherl]

(1627 -1693)

Johann Kaspar Kerll

Portrait of Johann Kaspar Kerll courtesyTeri Noel Towe

Composer and organist. Perhaps studied with his father, an organist, then at Vienna with Valentini, and in Rome with Carissimi and possibly Frescobaldi . Served his patron, Archduke Leopold Wilhelm, in Brussels until 1656, when he moved to Munich as Vice- Kapellmeister , becoming Kapellmeister later that year. Resigned in 1673, returning to Vienna; served as organist at St. Stephen's, 1674-77, with Pachelbel as his assistant, and as imperial organist from 1677 to his death. He was widely admired as a composer, organist, and teacher; his output consists of Masses and other sacred pieces, dramatic works (including eleven lost Munich operas), and keyboard and chamber music.

A Partial Johann Kaspar Kerll Discography |  Clavier, Organ and Lute in the German Baroque

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