Jean-Frédéric [Johann Friedrich] Edelmann

(1749 - 1794)

Composer and keyboard player. After studying law in his birthplace of Strasbourg under the patronage of a Baron de Dietrich, he took up residence in Paris around 1773. There he gained a reputation as composer, pianist, and keyboard instructor. In 1789 he returned to Strasbourg and was given an administrative post in the lower Rhine region. As a result of his own bureaucratic and political entanglements, he was executed at the guillotine. He composed the dramatic works La bergere des Alpes(1781), Ariane dans l'isle de Naxos(1782), Diane e l'amour(1802); an oratorio, Esther(1781); symphonies; chamber music; keyboard works.

VIIE: Instrumental Works from the End of the 18th Century