Sebastián de Albero


Spanish harpsichordist and composer. Appointed organist of the Madrid Royal Chapel and chamber musician of King Ferdinand VI at the age of 24.

Albero is known to have entered the choir of Pamplona Cathedral as an infante in 1734, a relatively late age, which would suggest that he had had previous musical training. He trained in Pamplona under Francisco de Alba, and the successive maestros de capilla, Miguel Valls and Andrés de Escáregui. Between 1739 and 1746, his biography is incomplete, although he was at least for a short period of time at the organ school of Josep Elíes, organist at Convento de las Descalzas Reales in Madrid, who was trained by Cabanilles. In 1746, as noted, he was appointed organist of the Madrid Capilla Real, where he made cointact with composers such as José de Nebra and Domenico Scarlatti. He died at the age of 33.

His surviving music is Spanish in character, hoever, French influences can be noted in his work, especially in his recercatas. Those traits were perhaps due to his stage in Navarre, where the influence of the music of the neighboring country was patent.

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