Francesco Antonio Bonporti

(1672 - 1748)

Composer. After early studies in Trent and Innsbruck he studied for the priesthood at the Collegium germanicum at Rome (from 1691). Allegedly he took instruction from Corelli (violin) and Ottavio Pitoni (composition). In 1696 he published his ten trio sonatas op. 1. He was ordained to the priesthood and appointed cleric to the Trent Cathedral in 1697. The bulk of his output was instrumental music: he published at least twelve sets of trio sonatas, invenzioni,violin concertos, and other instrumental chamber music. Repeated attempts to gain a post as court musician (at the Viennese court, for example) failed. As a result of a mistaken attribution, four "inventions" for violin and continuo from Bonporti's op. 10 (nos. 2, 5, 6, 7) were included in the Bach-Gesellschaft edition of J. S. Bach's works, vol. 45.

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