Giuseppe Torelli



Italian composer and violinist. He may have received his early musical training from Giuliano Massaroti in Verona. Between 1681 and 1684 Torelli moved to Bologna, where he became a member (suonatore di violino) of the Accademia filarmonica onJune 27, 1684; probably in 1692 he was elevated to the rank of compositore. He studied composition with G. A. Perti and played viola in the regular cappella musicale at S. Petronio from September 28, 1686 to January 1696. He may have gone to Ansbach and Berlin before becoming maestro di concerto to the Margrave of Brandenburg at Ansbacb in 1698. By December 1699 he was in Vienna, where he wrote an oratorio. In 1701 he joined the recently reestablished cappella at S. Petronio, where he remained until his death. Torelli's output as a composer consists primarily of chamber and orchestral works, the majority for strings. apart his published works, including concerti and sonatas, he also wrote a large number of unpublished sinfonias, concertos, and sonatas for trumpet(s) and strings.

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