Vivaldi's Dedication of La Stravaganza

Vivaldi's Dedication of 
    La Stravaganza

Your Excellency,

When venturing to bring forth the fruits of genius in public, it is customary to implore the protection of a person of consequence, who will defend them against the loquacity of the malicious and the feigned harshness of Critics. I could ask for no greater protection for these slight pieces than that of Your Excellency, for your superior disposition and distinguished judgements encompass even the specialized field of Music. Indeed, your musical taste has reached such a degree of perfection that any professor would consider it an honor to have you as teacher. I was fortunate enough to be your companion in studies rather than your Advisor, and I never think my work well done unless it has your approval. To you, then, rather than to any other, I owe the dedication of my labors, especially as for some time I have enjoyed the honor of calling myself Your Excellency's

Most Humble, Devoted and Obedient Servant



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