Gaetano Veneziano


Italian composer, born in Bisceglie, a small town near Bari, but spent most of his working life in Naples. He was the favorite pupil of Francesco Provenzale, the most prominent Neapolitan composer before Alessandro Scarlatti, at the Conservatorio di Santa Maria di Loreto, entering at the age of ten. He was Provenzale's copyist of choice, and his junior assistant in his operatic work. In 1677 he married Antonia De Riso, a union that produced two generations of musicians. In 1678 he was appointed sopranumerario (assistant) organist at the royal Palazzo chapel, ultimately followed by appointments as organist of the Tesoro di San Gennaro, maestro di capella at the Conservatorio di Santa Maria di Loreto (in 1684), and, finally, following a competitive examination and defeating Cristoforo Caresana, maestro of the royal chapel in succession to Scarlatti in 1704. He lost the post when the Austrians took control of Naples from the Spanish in 1707.

Veneziano was, in the final years of the seventeenth century, one of the most famous and influential musicians in the city, commissioned to write for hundreds of chapels, churches and institutions, and for the capital's many religious festivals. The music archive of the Oratorio dei Girolamini (Filippini) in Naples holds some 120 manuscripts.

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