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Welcome to the Here Of A Sunday Morning website. Those of you who listen on Sunday mornings to WBAI 99.5 FM, Pacifica Radio in New York need little by way of introduction, but for those who come to this site by way of a weblink or websearch, it may help to know that Here Of A Sunday Morning is a radio program that I have been hosting on WBAI since the early 1970s. For two hours every Sunday, the powers that have been and are at this listener-funded radio station have allowed me to indulge my eccentricities, for which there seems to be a loyal audience.

The subject? Primarily early music, usually, but not exclusively in historically informed performances, with talk about the people who created it, and the conditions under which they made it. Every month or two, we do a "New Releases" program, in which I present new and interesting recordings that have come across my desk, but otherwise we explore the history of music in a reasonably systematic way.

This website is intended to complement that exploration. Much of the information is organized thematically by period. The best way to start your exploration is to go to the Research Periods page, and follow the links. Since the site is still under construction (will it ever be truly finished?) some of those links may be limited in scope. However, to help listeners, the most developed real estate here relates to our recently completed series of programs, on English Music through 1635 and The French Chanson, and Social Music in Italy in the Renaissance. We recently spent two years or so on a series is devoted to the music of Monteverdi, who has an entire research period (VB) devoted to him alone. Our current series explores Henry Purcell and his Contemporaries.

As to the rest, Watch This Space!

The biographies, discographies, articles, and other items in the Research Library are not all, however. Here you will also find the playlists for our New Releases programs, some local (New York) concerts, and (coming soon) a calendar of Early Music events in the region. Playlists for regular weekly programs are to be found at Playlists.

You can find a listing of new and revised pages at What's new. Freefind updates this once a week, on Mondays, so the very latest pages may not be included.

Please have fun exploring the site, and let us have your comments and suggestions for the site. It's yours as much as mine! And oh, yes, I do welcome information about dead links, and similar glitches -- on a site of this size, built with limited resources, they are inevitable.

Chris Whent

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