Heinrich Nicolaus Gerber


German organist and composer. After two years of preparatory studies with one Cantor Irrgang at Bellstedt, his father sent him to school in Mühlhausen. Gerber's som claimed that 'the only musical genius living there was a drunken organist" (who "when he was sober accomplished as little as his fellow citizens") of the Bach family. This was Johann Friedrich Bach, who succeeded Johann Sebastian as organist of the Blasius-Kirche. Gerber related that his only desire was to delight in Johann Friedrich's singing style of performance.

From Mühlhausen Gerber went first to Sondershausen, then to Liepzig, partly to study law, and partly to study with Johann Sebastian Bach. Ultimately he spent two years studying with Bach (visiting him again in 1737). He was Court Organist to the Prince of Aschwarzburg in Sondershausen.

XIE: Bach's Pupils and his Legacy