Franz Krommer (Vinzenz) [Frantisek Vincenc Kramar]

(1759 -1831)

Franz Krommer

Composer and violinist, born in Kamenitz. In nearby Turan he studied organ and violin with his uncle, Anton Matthias Krommer. He settled in Vienna in 1785 and received a post as violinist in the court orchestra of the Duke of Styrum (in Simontomya; now in Hungary), later (from 1790) he was Kapellmeister of the Pécs Cathedral. He also served at other small courts in the region. He returned to Vienna in 1795 and from 1798 was Kapellmeister for Duke Ignaz Fuchs; later he became ballet master for the Hoftheater (1810), and eventually imperial court composer and Kapellmeister(from 1818). He composed symphonies, concertos, chamber music (including string quartets); sacred works (Masses; an Ave Maria).

XIIC: From the Galant to the Biedermayer