Matthias Georg [Georg Matthias] Monn [Mann]

(1717 - 1750)

Composer and organist. He was a chorister in the monastery of Klosterneuburg (ca. 1731), and around 1738 he was appointed organist at the Karlskirche in Vienna. He remained in that post for most of his life; he became well known at court, where his works were performed frequently. He was also prominent as pedagogue; Albrechtsberger was among his pupils. Today he is hailed as a pioneering early symphonist; more than twenty of his symphonies are extant, as well as concertos, chamber works (including six string quartets), keyboard music, and vocal works. He wrote a Theorie des Generalbasses in Beispielen ohne Erkärung, which remains in manuscript. One of his works is often cited as the first known 4-movement symphony with a third-movement minuet. His brother Johann Christoph (1726-82) was also a composer.

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