Giovanni Punto [Johann Wenzel (Jan Václav) Stich]

(1746 - 1803)

Giovanni Punto

Horn player, violinist, and composer. After studying horn in Prague, Munich, and Dresden, he served Count Thun for three years and then ran away, crossing the border into the Holy Roman Empire, where he served the Prince of Hechingen and at the Mainz court (1769-74). In Paris in 1778 Mozart was impressed with his playing. He joined the Prince Archbishop of Würzburg's band (1781), then served the Count of Artois in Paris (1782) before appearing in the London Pantheon concerts (1788). In Paris (1789-99) he was violinist-conductor at the Théâtre des variétés amusantes. In Vienna in 1800 Beethoven composed the Horn Sonata op. 17 for him. He toured with J. L. Dussek in 1802 before returning to Prague. Most of Punto's works, including concertos and chamber music, are for the horn.

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