Claude Goudimel

(c1514 - 1572)

French composer. Probably lived in Paris and worked as a collector and adviser to Du Chemin, a Parisian publisher who issued his chansons. He was converted to Protestantism in about 1560, and travelled round various Huguenot centres. It was in one of these, Lyons, that he was killed by fanatical anti-Protestants in the aftermath of the St Bartholomew's Day massacre. Before his conversion he wrote five Masses, three Magnificats and some motets for Catholic use; he also made some motet-like settings of Genevan psalm texts. However, he is chiefly noted for his later 4-part settings of the entire Genevan Psalter, designed for home use, in which the melody is in the top voice or the tenor, with straightforward chordal harmonization, sometimes decorated.

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