Benedict Browne (Brenne, Broyne, Brume) 1

(1495? - 1566?)

Italian musician, described as a native of Pavia. Browne was one of the (usually sixteen) Royal trumpeters for the greater part of his life, being recorded first in 1513. He was appointed serjeant-trumpeter in 1542, at which time he was granted denization. It is possible that he was related to Thomas Browne 4, who served as a trumpeter under him from 1547 through Thomas's death in 1567. He is sometimes confused with Benedict Browne 2, a trumpeter appointed in 1573, who served until at least 1603; however, Benedict Browne 2 was not serjeant trumpeter, and between them their years of recorded service would total 90 years. It seems more probable that they were related, possibly grandfather and grandson.

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