Robert Jones 2

(c.1577- after 1615)

English lutenist and composer; received the degree of B.Mus from Oxford in 1597, ran a school in London (he had a Patent, i.e. monopoly, to train children for the Queen's Revels 1610-15), and in 1610 collaborated with Philip Rosseter to present plays at the Whitefriars theatre. Gentleman of the Chapel Royal 1612. He published five volumes of simple and melodious lute songs, and one of madrigals; he also contributed to the Triumphs of Oriana and Leighton's Teares. His own publications are : The First Booke of Songes and Ayres (1600; The Second Booke of Ayres (1601); The first set of madrigals of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. parts, viols and voices (1607); Ultimum vale, with a triplicity of musicke, ... (1608); A Musicall Dreame, or the Fourth Booke of Ayres ... (1609); The Muses Gardin for delight, or the Fift booke of Ayres onely for the Lute, the bass Violl, and the Voyce (1611).

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