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A Partial John Ward Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
John Ward Consort music for five and six viols 01. Fantasia No.1 a6; 02. Fantasia No.3 a6; 03. Fantasia No.6 a6; 04. Fantasia No.2 a6; 05. Fantasia No.4 a6; 06. Fantasia No.5 a6; 07. Fantasia No.7 a6; 08. In Nomine No.1 a6; 09. Fantasia No.1 a5; 10. Fantasia No.2 a5 "La Rondinella"; 11. Fantasia No.3 a5; 12. Fantasia No.4 a5; 13. Fantasia No.5 a5; 14. Fantasia No.6 a5; 15. Fantasia No.7 a5; 16. Fantasia No.8 a5; 17. Fantasia No.9 a5; 18. Fantasia No.10 a5; 19. Fantasia No.11 a5 "Cor mio"; 20. Fantasia No.13 a5 "Non fu senze"; 21. Fantasia No.12 a5 "Leggiadra sei"; 22. In Nomine a5; 23. In Nomine No.2 a6; Phantasm Linn CKD339
John Ward Fantasies & Verse Anthems 1. Fantasia 2 a4 (VDGS 22); 2. Praise the Lord, O my soul; 3. Fantasia 5 a4 (VDGS 25); 4. Mount up, my soul; 5. Fantasia 1 a4 (VDGS 21); 6. Down, caitiff wretch (Part 1); 7. Prayer is an endless chain (Part 2); 8. Fantasia 3 a4 (VDGS 23); 9. How long wilt thou forget me, O Lord; 10. Fantasia 4 a4 (VDGS 24); 11. Let God Arise; 12. Fantasia 6 a4 (VDGS 26); 13. This is a joyful, happy holy day Phantasm, Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford Linn CKD427
Italian and English Madrigals   1. Cantiam lieti cantiamo (Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi); 2. E d'un bel matin d'amore (Antonio Caprioli); 3. Quella bella e biancha mano (Antonio Caprioli); 4. Una leggiadra nimpha (Antonio Caprioli); 5. Venite amanti insieme (Loyset Compere); 6. Divini occhi sereni (Philippe Verdelot); 7. Con l'angelico riso, (Philippe Verdelot); 8. Madonna, il tuo bel viso (Philippe Verdelot); 9. Fuggi, fuggi, cor mio (Philippe Verdelot); 10. Si liet' e grata morte (Philippe Verdelot); 11. Se la dura durezza in la mia donna); (Jacques Arcadelt); 12. Ahime, dov' č'l bel viso); (Jacques Arcadelt); 13. Madonna, s'io v'offendo (Jacques Arcadelt); 14. Il bianco e dolce cigno (Jacques Arcadelt); 15. Donne, venčte al ballo (Francesco Patavino); 16. Morir non puō il mio cuore (Maddalena Casulana); 17. Se la mia vita (Luca Marenzio); 18. Mia benigna fortuna (Cipriano de Rore); 19. Anchor che col partire (Cipriano de Rore); 20. O sonno (Cipriano de Rore); 21. Chi la Gagliarda (Giovanni Domenico del Giovane da Nola); 22. Madonna mia famme bon'offerta (Adriaan Willaert); 23. Medici noi siamo (Giovanni Domenico del Giovane da Nola); 24. Quandro sarā mai quel zorno (Vincenzo Bell'Haver); 25. Matona mia cara (Roland de Lassus); 26. Tri ciechi siamo (Giovanni Domenico del Giovane da Nola); 27. O Griefe, Even on the Bud (Thomas Morley); 28. When, Loe, by Breake of Morning (Thomas Morley); 29. Aprill Is in My Mistris Face (Thomas Morley); 30. Thule the period of cosmographie (Thomas Weelkes); 31. Sweet Nimphe, Come to Thy Lover (Thomas Morley); 32. Sweet Hony Sucking Bees, madrigal (John Wilbye); 33. Miraculous Love's Wounding (Thomas Morley); 34. Adew, Sweet Amarillis (John Wilbye); 35. Weep, O mine Eyes (John Bennet); 36. Silver Swanne (Orlando Gibbons); 37. O care wilt thou dispatch mee); (Thomas Weelkes); 38. Since Robin Hood (Thomas Weelkes); 39. Fyre and Lightning from Heaven (Thomas Morley); 40. Strike it up tabor, madrigal (Thomas Weelkes); 41. See, See the Shepheards' Queene (Thomas Tomkins); 42. Come, Sable Night (John Ward); 43. Sweet Suffolke Owle (Thomas Vautor); 44. In Nets of Goulden Wyers (Thomas Morley); 45. Draw on Sweet Night (John Wilbye); The Hilliard Ensemble Virgin Veritas x2 7243 5 61671 2
The Cries of London   1. Muy Linda: Galliard (Anthony Holborne); 2. The Country Cries (Richard Dering); 3. Courtly Masquing Ayres (31): no 1 (John Adson); 4. Almain "Fruit of Love" (Anthony Holborne); 5. Playfellow no 2 "Wanton" (Anthony Holborne); 6. Cryes of London (Orlando Gibbons); 7. Pavans, Galliards, Almaines (65): The Funerals (Anthony Holborne); 8. Pavans, Galliards, Almaines (65): The choise (Anthony Holborne); 9. Pavans, Galliards, Almaines (65): Galliard (Anthony Holborne); 10. Courtly Masquing Ayres (31): no 8 (John Adson); 11. The Cry of London (Anonymous); 12. Pavan for Lute no 3 "Sedet Sola" (Anthony Holborne); 13. Pavans, Galliards, Almaines (65): The Fairie-round (Anthony Holborne); 14. Cries of London (Thomas Weelkes); 15. Opusculum neuer Pavanen, Galliarden, Couranten und Volten: Pavan (Thomas Simpson); 16. Opusculum neuer Pavanen, Galliarden, Couranten und Volten:Galliard (Thomas Simpson); 17. Opusculum neuer Pavanen, Galliarden, Couranten und Volten: Courante (Thomas Simpson); 18. Opusculum neuer Pavanen, Galliarden, Couranten und Volten: Volta (Thomas Simpson); 19. Cor mio, deh non languire (John Ward); 20. Consort piece ā 6 "Di sei soprani" (William Daman); 21. Fantasia for 6 Bass Viols (Alfonso Ferrabosco); 22. Madrigal for six voices: If sorrow might (Richard Dering); 23. Music for His Majesty's Cornetts and Sackbutts: Suite in D minor (Matthew Locke); 24. Music for His Majesty's Cornetts and Sackbutts: Suite in F major (Matthew Locke) Les Sacqueboutiers Ambroisie 9965
John Ward Madrigals 1613 The First Set of English Madrigals (28 Titles); Four Fantasias for Viols The Consort of Musickedir.Anthony Rooley L'Oiseau Lyre D238D2(LP)
Blockflötenmusik der Renaissance Recorder Music--England 1. Fancy (a 5); other works by Henry VIII, Taverner, Tye, Bull, Holborne, Ferrabosco II, Morley, Coperario, Lupo, Brade Wiener Blockflotenensemble Das Alte Werke 6.42356AW(LP)
Florid-Song und Gambenmusik in England um 1610-1660 1. Fantasia for Four Violas de Gamba; others by Hume, Gibbons, Weelkes, Coperario, Wilson, Hingston, Campion, Robert Johnson, Locke, Lupo Studio der Frühen Musik; Concentus Musicus, Wien Das Alte Werk SAWT 9472-A (LP)

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