Evaristo Felice Dall'Abaco

(1675 - 1742)

Italian composer. Perhaps a cello and violin student of Torelli. Went to Modena in 1696 and performed often there alongside Vitali, among others. By 1704 he was cellist at the Bavarian court. He remained in the service of Elector Maximilian II Emmanuel through years of war and hardship that drove the court to Brussels (1704), Mons (1706), and Compiègne (1709), a period nonetheless influential in acquainting the composer with the French style. Maximilian returned to Munich in 1715; Dall'Abaco became Konzertmeisterand electoral councillor. His influence waned under the new elector, Karl Albrecht (installed 1726); he retired with a pension in 1740. His extant music, contained in six printed collections issued between about 1708 and 1735, includes chamber and church sonatas along with concertos. An indebtedness to Corelli in the earlier works yields later to both French-derived and galant elements.

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