Johann Gottlieb Graun

(ca. 1702-3 - 1771)

Violinist and composer. Student of Pisendel; like his brother Carl Heinrich, he sang at the Kreuzschule, enrolled in Leipzig University, and traveled to Prague in 1723, where he studied with Tartini. Became Konzertmeister in Meresburg around 1726; J. S. Bach sent his eldest son to him as a pupil. Performed at court at Berlin in 1728; served Prince von Waldek at Arolsen before joining the orchestra of Crown Prince Frederick of Prussia in Ruppin in 1732, moving with it to Rheinsburg in 1736 and finally to Berlin in 1740 when Frederick became king. He led the violins in the opera orchestra and was also a chamber musician at court, remaining at Berlin until his death. His works include a great many sinfonias, overtures, concertos, and trio sonatas, very few of them printed, along with sacred and secular concerted music.

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